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Latest News
Member Prune!
Posted By: Spoo @ Feb 7 2008, 10:55 PM
Uh, I found the Member Prune function in the Administrator panel and decided to test it out. I ended up deleting everyone who had 0 posts and was in the group "members". And hey, look. 2 News posts in such short time period... is the world going to end? ... [more]
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Another year, another opportunity missed.
Posted By: Kelbreth @ Feb 5 2008, 05:50 PM
Pending the one-year anniversary of the prior post to this News front-page, I wanted to make a post celebrating a year filled with:

No Noise Complaints
No Webserver Overusage
No Illegal Activity

I also want to point out that Spoo's premonition of a "new and improved" website coming aren't entirely false, but the 1-year window of opportunity presented by Spoo's statement appears to have lapsed. I apologize for my failure to motivate myself or charge others to do website-development in my stead.

I'll be sure to append the word "someday" or "eventually" or "never" to the end of my statements so that you don't mistake my enthusiasm for an actual promise of work being completed, someday. ... [more]
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Bot Spam
Posted By: Spoo @ Feb 6 2007, 07:04 PM
Update: Teamspeak is working again. I upgraded the firmware on my router and didn't know that i had to check off a stupid box for the port forwarding.

Just to inform anyone who's still reading this board.. other than me I mean haha. We've been bombarded by spam bots recently and well... until we update the forum software (which we will soon) I have disabled some of the unused forums and restricted access to the ones that we DO use to pretty much just the people that I know use them. If I've forgotten anyone and blocked you by mistake please let me know and I'll restore your access. Clan216.com new and improved coming soon! (not really improved, but new... possibly crappier due to invision not being free anymore)

Also, if I have deleted your account while clearing out the bots, let me know. I will remember to leave your account when you re-register. ... [more]
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EQ2? Teamspeak? What?
Posted By: Spoo @ Dec 29 2006, 11:16 AM
Edit : in case my IP changes, I've signed up for a redirect service. the address you need to connect to for Teamspeak is now - icto.no-ip.org

easier to remember too haha.

Well, who would have thought that this... would happen? It looks like we're all going to return to EQ2 for awhile (awhile meaning an unknown period of time). So, for you goobers who don't play... why not join us? We're playing on Antonia Bayle, and I believe... most of us will be evil, but of course that might change and it certainly isn't a huge deal if you're good or evil. In celebration of this unexpected return, I've reinstalled my Teamspeak server! Please join us there... all of you (yes I include all of you goobers also).

The server IP is : and there is no password... for now. I think I can leave it open, unless people we don't know start logging in. Anyway, feel free to tell anyone of our or your friends the IP so they can join in. I ... [more]
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Posted By: Yarr @ Nov 13 2006, 12:06 AM
I don't know who still reads this forum, amoungst even we few actual 216ers and our extended gaming friends, but I intend for this to apply to all, no matter how trivial a relationship you may have with these forums. I notice that the last message posted on the main board was nearly one and a half years ago, and by Kelbreth at that, so I don't even know when the last important message was posted. And I don't include whoever is using 216 for non-216 sanctioned events and discussions. It seems something of a waste to have had Kel build us such a wonderful(sic) site, (that 216 didn't render itself you know. That's way beyond Etch-a-Sketch or even Magna Doodle technologies. I daresay he drew upon the works of past Masters of Art and Illusion, Play-Doh and Adobe to help materialize that logo. Or perhaps he simply makes horrific 2's and is in the habit of folding papers in half after writing a '21' upon it)

At the moment, I fervently believe ... [more]
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New Webserver Complete
Posted By: Kelbreth @ Mar 17 2005, 12:52 AM
Our transfer to the new webserver seems complete. Please return to your normal daily lives and regularly scheduled programming. Those of you who have websites hosted here, please check to make sure your sites are in-tacts and that you can access your files for upload/download. ... [more]
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Congratulations, Guild Level 10
Posted By: Kelbreth @ Feb 7 2005, 03:15 PM
Congratulations to us for achieving Level 10 this weekend. [Arymem Lema] A big thanks to the people who made it happen -- a quarter of whom are one person, and another quarter are no longer playing.

Benefits include the two-room apartments in the inns in North and West(?) Freeport at half-price (3GP) and 20000 personal Status Points. Additionally, new status items are available, including personal tradeskilling machines and furniture items. ... [more]
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New Patch 2/04/05
Posted By: Kelbreth @ Feb 7 2005, 03:07 PM
Recent Updates February 4, 2005

- Corrected an issue causing the character's total AC value to display somewhat higher than it should for most classes. The AC value on your Persona window will now accurately reflect your character's overall defensive rating.

*** Grouping and the Con System ***

- Higher level group members will no longer take a disproportionately large share of group experience splits.
- The blue/green range has been expanded for groups whose members are not all the same level.
- The blue/green range for players in their low 20s is now significantly larger, allowing them to hunt in some of their favorite spots for longer.

*** Bugfixes ***

- Fixed a rounding error that caused the displayed weapon delay value to be off by 0.1 in some cases. No items were changed, and the actual delay of your weapon has not been affected. This was a display bug only.
- An issue causing Shrouded Strike to break has been corrected.
- ... [more]
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New patch 02/01/05
Posted By: Kshennya @ Feb 1 2005, 06:08 PM
Here is an overview of the new patch information for the EQ2 release today!

*** Headlines ***

- Heroic Opportunities have been revamped!
- Lots of new armor looks have been added!
- New adventure areas have been unearthed!
- First round of advanced solo encounters added for soloers and small groups!
- Vitality indicator added to your XP bar!
- DoT spells are now much more stackable!
- Tabbed chat windows make their long-awaited debut!
- See what your target is attacking with the new Implied Target window!
- Bankers now make change!
- Even more tradeskill bug fixes and improvements!
- Check out the more precice, informative AC value!
- New heritage quests: Golden Efreeti Boots and the Crown of King Tranix!

Enjoy! ... [more]
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Guild Advancement vs. Personal Gain
Posted By: Kelbreth @ Jan 11 2005, 02:54 PM
Guild advancement is coming along nicely, thanks to those who contribute status points. We'll add a post detailing status points for those of you who may not understand exactly how that works, but at 25000 and climbing, we're making excellent progress. I know a few of us are making a pretty dedicated attempt at not levelling at all outside of Guild Writs, which were just introduced in the last week for tradeskill classes.

Those of you who may have caught wind of a new expansion, I thought I'd mention that you probably heard about an EverQuest Live expansion, which has nothing to do with EQ2. Don't fret, I think we have another 6 months-or-so before Sony decides to release an expansion that "adds new quests! Includes new zones! Fixes more bugs! 'Optional' but if you don't pay us $30, your game won't be fixed!"

On a side note, MacWorld is taking place this wee ... [more]
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